Move over 2020… We are moving on forward and things are looking up! Here are 21 things to look forward to in 2021:

  1. It’s not 2020 anymore!!
  2. The most welcome shot in the arm you’ve ever had (aka the vaccine)
  3. The Tokyo Olympics
  4. The ‘Friends’ Reunion
  5. Live music is back & so is Eurovision
  6. Hugging our loved ones
  7. Seeing your work besties face to face, not just over zoom... (and post work drinks!)
  8. The return of the annual Bali trip (do we really miss this?)
  9. Making up for all the parties you’ve missed…
  10. Friday night Footy at the MCG
  11. The Grand Prix in March
  12. Block-Buster new movies and the final instalment in Daniel Craig’s Bond sequence
  13. The Presidential Inauguration and the new First Lady’s wardrobe
  14. The Australian Open & the return of Wimbledon
  15. Drone Delivery – the future is here
  16. By now you’ve built up a mask collection so big you’ve got one that goes with every outfit
  17. Fashion Week all around the world, live streamed on zoom
  18. New Adele music (your shower will love you)
  19. Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Podcast
  20. Getting races ready and “havin’ a punt” at Flemington in November
  21. Estelle. More. Often.