As the weather cools down, we start reaching for our favourite coats and shopping for a new season update. Stylish and cosy, the coat doesn’t just keep us warm, it’s the chic final layer on your winter look. With the right care, your coat will continue to look great season after season... here are some tips on how to keep your coat looking crisp like the day you bought it!

Read the care label.

Obvious as it may sound, it’s often removed before its read! But the care label has details of how to best wash/dry clean/spot clean your coat.

Invest in quality hangers.

Hang your coat on a quality coat or wooden hanger. This will help keep the shape in the shoulders and stop it stretching out. Also, make sure you coat is not squashed; give your coat a bit of room to breathe in your wardrobe.

Give it some fresh air.

After each wear, hang your coat on a hanger in a well ventilated space to air out. Fresh air helps the material stay crisp and minimises the need for washing. It is recommended to let your coat rest for 24 hours to allow the elasticity to bounce back and the wrinkles to fall out.

Spot clean and empty pockets.

After each wear, check over the coat for stains. Spot clean if needed by using a damp cloth and patting the fabric. Do not rub as you may damage the fabric. Check the pockets and remove all items when not in use.

Brush your coat.

Brush your coat regularly with a lint brush or wool comb to remove surface oils or lint. This simple step will keep your coat looking fresh and new.
Treat your coat to a good clean and maintenance and it will last you season after season. It just takes a few minutes each time you wear it.

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