Ladies lunches are impending now that the cool weather has arrived! To get ready for those cosy events we have formulated 5 tips to help make your ladies lunch as amazing as possible for you and your friends! Rather than eating at your local café, why not host your own lunch?!

Tip 1: Lighting.

For this season, warm and natural lighting will work the best. Lighting is very important because it determines the atmosphere. Natural lighting with candles or a fireplace will lead to a cosy and inviting space for all your guests. Avoid harsh lighting as it is often unflattering.

Tip 2: Fresh and Light Food.

Get creative with the food served at your lunch but remember that fresh and light food always works best! Another top tip is incorporating seasonal produce into your meal to add to the wintery feel of the whole event. Start of the lunch with something you can share, like a grazing board, to set the mood and get everyone socializing with one another.
Grazing Platter

Tip 3: Setting the table.

This step is where you can get inventive! Our favourite approach is using warm and neutral tones to match the mood we are setting. Some pops of colours that would work well are orange, rust and dusty pink. These colours aren’t too harsh but will create some interest on your table. Having a colour scheme, matching crockery and a mix of textures will be at the heart of creating a stunning table for you and all your guests. Adding height will also set your table apart and can be done by mixing flowers, candles and more.
Table Setting

Tip 4: Flowers.

Flowers are a really nice addition to any event and can definitely be done on a budget with a few tips and tricks. Getting seasonal flowers from your local market and designing the bouquet yourself can save you some money whilst still creating a lovely assortment.

Tip 5: The Perfect Outfit.

This step can change how you feel and enjoy the event itself. Our tip is to match the energy of the event: a warm colour scheme, cosiness and confidence! The Estelle Whistler Coat fits that brief and can be perfectly paired with jeans and boots. If you wanted something a little more special the Harriet Dress is a stunning winter print.
Estelle Harriet Dress