Many of us struggle to get the balance of work and health because of busy schedules and stressful lives. We have come up with 5 easy to do yoga poses that you can do at work, and even more conveniently at your own desk!

Slumping over a desk all day can have some nasty repercussions… this includes tight shoulders, headaches, and back pains. Of course, it’s sometimes impossible to find the time to exercise or relax, so this at work alternative could be the perfect solution for those busy days! These poses bring the relaxation to work – they could help to clear your head, prevent tight muscles, alleviate stress and enhance energy. 

1. Wrist and Finger stretching

This exercise is super easy but has some seriously good benefits! Simply pull your fingers down towards your wrist and hold for about 10 seconds on each hand. This stretch gives great relief to your hands which is vital, especially if your typing during the day which a lot of us are! This nifty yoga stretch is also known to help lower the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. 
Finger Stretching

2. Crescent Moon (Seated)

The Crescent Moon pose helps lengthen the spine with a deep stretch and has also been proven to help with concentration. Whilst staying seated lift your arms over your head, spread your fingers and bring your palms together. Then go on to lean into one side for a few breaths and of course repeat on the other side to feel a great release. 
Seated Pose

3. Chair Pigeon

Open up the chest and hips whilst regaining balance with the Chair Pigeon pose. Stay in your chair and lift your foot to the opposite knee so your leg is in a 90 degree position. Flex the foot, keep your back straight whilst leaning forward to feel a deep stretch. Make sure that you distribute your weight evenly and don’t forget to do it on the other side too.
Seated pigeon

4. Eagle Arms

Eagle Arms is another great way to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome as well as get the back, triceps and shoulder muscles working! Do this pose by sitting up straight in your chair, place one arm in front of you and have it bent at a 90 degree angle. Get the other arm to interlock with this arm and place your palms together. Hold for 3-5 breaths and repeat on the other side, you could also add to the position by sitting cross legged.
Eagle Arms

5. Restorative Pose

Finally, it is important to remember to ease your mind and re-centre within all the daily stressfulness! This pose is designed to get you to relax and can often have the effect of giving you more energy. Put your feet on the floor and cross your arms onto your desk. Then, set your head onto your arms and do deep breathing. It is suggested to do this pose to up to 5 minutes to help ease stress.
These yoga positions mean that helping to relieve some tension in your mind and body has never been easier! Try some of these Desk Yoga poses next time you’re in the office to see if they help.