After many decades of fighting for gender equality, women won the right to vote in Australia in 1902… America followed in 1920. And so, Women’s Equality Day was born! Celebrated on August 26th, it’s a day for celebrating women and what we have achieved. However, we still have a way to go... the gender pay gap remains a contended issue and women are still under-represented in many industries.

We encourage you to take some time out to honour the women who fought before us, celebrate where we are today and work towards improved equality in the future.

We asked you some questions about being a woman, here are some of our favourite answers:

What do you love about being a woman?


We are strong and we can have babies.

The opportunity to do things we love and to be adventurous and diverse.


What does Women’s equality mean to you?

We are worthy of the same rights as men. We are all human.

No glass ceiling work wise, no victim blaming for bullying, sexual assault and verbal harassment.

How we can encourage other women in being themselves and supporting them through difficult times.

Pay equality.

Being paid the same amount but also being listened to and respected in the equation. Whether it’s work or home.

How do you encourage other women?

Don’t judge others choices; they do what is best for them and their family.

Talk, share and have open dialogue that respects different opinions – about absolutely everything – no censorship.

Being there for them and supporting them in difficult times.

No body shaming!

Do your thing! Not always do the stuff that other people (men) want you to do. Be prepared to fail but don’t hang back. It’s really important to have your say and have a go!!!