Estelle DIY Fashion Revamp June 18, 2017 – Posted in: Estelle News, Estelle Trends, How To Wear Estelle

Have you fallen out of love with that skirt you so loved that now hangs forgotten about in your wardrobe? If so we’ve got a solution for you that will have your last season fashion favourite looking new and feeling loved again! We’ve come up with a DIY Fashion Revamp Tutorial to give you some ideas on how to rejuvenate your oldies. We’ve picked a previous season Estelle skirt that we had tucked away and have come up with a simple modification involving just some lace, needles, thread and a few simple steps.


We love the diagonal cut along the front of this skirt so we chose to accentuate it further by adding a lace trim along the edges. Lace trims and frills are everywhere this season. We’ve gone for a flat trim but you can choose to go for added texture with a frillier version.



We hope you’ve found this inspiring and if you try anything similar at home please share it with us by tagging #EstelleRevamp @estelleclothingau on Instagram and Facebook!