Melbourne Fashion Week Plus August 28, 2016 – Posted in: Estelle News, Events

This week has been a busy one for Melbourne Fashion! With Vogue Fashion Night Out, the launch of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and the first ever Melbourne Plus Fashion week, there is such a buzz in the city.

Over this past week and this weekend there have been many events dedicated to plus size fashion, from discussion panels to runway shows to parties, there was lots to see and do.

We at Estelle were very excited to be closing the show on Friday night, lining up with other designers: State of Liberty, Voluptua, Courtney Zoh and Nyata. We were joined by 2 of our competition winners Salina and Nadia who got to see the show up close from the front row. The doors opened at 8pm to a line of very excited ticket holders and everyone quickly grabbed their drinks and seats.

Line up



We were backstage to catch some of the action. The models were ready to go, having been in hair and make up and rehearsals all afternoon, it was time for the real thing!


There was lots of cheers of excitement and support as the models made their way down the catwalk. The models were a mixture of professional models and “street” models – bloggers and everyday people that wanted to take part in the show, which was great as it gave the show much diversity and excitement as some of the girls were walking for the first time ever.


Estelle had 11 models in the show and chatting to them backstage it was exciting to hear how many of them were already big fans of Estelle. It was really great to meet so many of our customers in one night. We even spotted some Estelle in the audience. One of our guests, Amelia from Curvy Consulting was wearing the Drifter Dress and we had “twins”, Salina and Taylor from Vintage Curvette wearing “vintage Estelle” as Salina called it!


The show was a huge success with lots of buzz afterward, many stayed behind to have a drink, share photos and favourites and catch up. The event really did bring people from far and wide – California, the Philippines and all over Australia. Did you catch one of the shows? What did you think? For more images and videos head to our Instagram and Facebook @estelleclothing