How to pick the Perfect Flowers for your Mum on Mother’s Day. May 1, 2019 – Posted in: Estelle News, Events

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and whilst we should celebrate our Mum’s every day, it’s the perfect excuse to spoil her. If she’s close, cook her breakfast in bed and treat her to something nice or if she’s far, flowers are an easy but beautiful choice. We have put together a few gift ideas to spoil your Mum as well as a guide to picking the perfect flower for your Mum.


Carnations are the most traditional flower for Mother’s Day. They are a symbol of the eternal love that a mother has for her children. Pink represents gratitude and motherhood, White represents remembrance and purity and Red is for love and affection.


Match your gift with your flowers with the Sugar and Spice Dress or top. This top and dress feature a pink and red tone floral print so she can wear her flowers everyday!

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Chrysanthemums are the most popular choice in Australia, not only because the flower has the word “mum” in it but also because it is in season in autumn. Pink symbolizes honest love, Red is Motherly love and gratitude and White is honesty and loyalty.


For the stylish Mum, gift a small bunch of red chrysanthemums with the black Moonlight Knit. Made from a viscose, nylon, cotton and wool blend, this knit is both comfy and cool.


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For the modern Mum, Tulips have become a popular choice. They are graceful and come in an array of colours. Pink tulips represent happiness making them perfect to celebrate your mum. If your Mum needs cheering up, give her Yellow tulips as they represent cheer and hope. Purple is for deep admiration and Red for deep love.


Celebrate Mum with a bunch of pink and yellow tulips and the cosy Leah Knit. This fluffy jumper is a versatile piece she will wear all winter. And the yarn is SO soft you will want to hug her even more!


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Lilies are a timeless and stunning choice. Go for Oriental lilies as they tend to last longer. Wish your mum a year full of prosperity with Pink lilies or say thank you with Yellow. Orange represents pride and confidence.


For the fashion Mum, keep her on trend by gifting pink oriental lilies with the Animal Life Skirt.


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For the classic Mum, Roses are always a win. Show your mum how much you love her with pink roses or gift yellow roses to celebrate friendship and happiness. White represents dignity, purity and remembrance and lavender enchantment. Save red roses for a partner as they symbolise passionate love.


Keep with tradition and gift her pink roses with the classic Maddison Knit. She can wear this knit cardigan season after season and still look stylish.


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We want to wish you and your Mother a Happy Mother’s Day and every day.


A Mother is your first friend, your best friend and your forever friend!