At Estelle, we are committed to celebrating every body with fashion that fits and feels amazing. We promise to meticulously check and ensure the fit and quality of every garment we create. We are dedicated to creating well-considered size-inclusive garments and do so by fitting every style on real women to ensure they meet the needs and desires of the contemporary Australian woman.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we pledge to uphold the highest standard of garment quality to give you confidence that Estelle is a destination shop where you will always find a stylish outfit that feels great to wear season after season. 

Estelle celebrates our team of talented designers, pattern makers and garment technicians, who each play an integral role in the design and fitting process. The heart of our craft lives in our design studio in Port Melbourne, Victoria. Here our team transforms collection themes and concept boards into curated collections of masterfully fitted garments, which are then delivered to a retailer near you.

Each sample is designed from scratch, allowing uninterrupted customisation of garment length, neckline shape, fit and drape, specialty design elements, and the list goes on and on!  


Here are some facts you may not know about us:

1. A typical dress can be made up of as many as 15 pattern pieces

2. Each season we design up to 30 different styles so we can cherry-pick the best of the best for our customers

3. It takes 4 to 5 months between the beginning of the design process and your garment arriving at the store

4. On average, a garment is fitted 3 times to ensure every garment meets our standards. A garment can be altered and reworked countless times, as long as it meets the needs of our customers

5. In Australia, Estelle is a size-inclusive womenswear brand offering sizes 10AU-22AU. However, Estelle also has a plus size America arm which offers sizes 16W-24W


If you have feedback or fit-related concerns, we invite you to share your thoughts with our team -