In Conversation with Jem Juthamat

Jem Juthamat wearing Estelle Clothing Black Top and Black Trouser

The Estelle community is made up of a diverse range of dynamic, hard-working professional women, boasting a limitless variety of niche industries and specialty expertise. In honour of these women, we are proud to debut our first industry-leading female spotlight. 

Estelle Real Woman, Jem Juthamat, is a Melbourne-based Interior Designer. Juthamat has a distinct design fingerprint that unites paired-back, luxurious textures with rich tones & neutrals, resulting in modern & elegant spaces.


We sat down with Juthamat to discuss her career, approach to personal style and favourite style tips.


What prompted you to explore a career in interior design and what key moments in your journey will stay with you forever?

It all began when I became a mum. I had the sense and determination to create a home that gave me the functionality I needed without sacrificing on the style I wanted, and from there, my passion for interior design developed.

One of the most memorable moments was when I felt a wave of confidence after reaching a milestone of followers on social media. It gave me the validation that there were people interested in my style and content, which was truly heartening and motivating. 


Have you encountered challenges in your career and what measures did you take to overcome them?  

Certainly! In my journey as an interior designer, I have come across various challenges, as is the case with any business or aspect of life. However, I firmly believe that perseverance is key to overcoming such situations. I have learned that effective communication and the willingness to seek assistance are invaluable in navigating these hurdles.


What would you wear to a client meeting?

Look 1: Sidi Top & Salma Pant. Look 2: Sidi TopMorocco Bloom Skirt, Look 3: Marabella Dress


What would you wear to an intimate date night dinner?

 Look 1: Golden Leaves Dress. Look 2: Midnight Petal Dress. Look 3: Midnight Forest Dress.


When you joined forces with your business partner Bianca to launch Dosse Studio, did you ever anticipate how successful the partnership would become? 

When Bianca and I joined forces to establish Dosse Studio, we envisioned a thriving partnership driven by our shared passion for interior design. Our journey has been a remarkable one, and we are grateful for the success we've achieved. Effective communication has been a cornerstone of our collaboration, enabling us to gain a profound understanding of our objectives and work harmoniously to achieve them. Together, we continue to strive for excellence, creating inspiring spaces that reflect our clients' unique visions and preferences.



It takes a pair of clever business women to create the industry reputation and connections that you possess. Do you have any advice for other women hustling to develop their career in a creative industry?  

I believe the journey of establishing meaningful connections, embracing courage, passion, and kindness becomes the key to success. Embrace curiosity and fearlessly ask questions, for it is through these inquiries that one gains valuable insights. Remember, mistakes are not setbacks but stepping stones for personal growth and evolution. Cultivate a nurturing support system and seek out mentors who are eager to guide you on your path to growth. Together, these elements will undoubtedly shape a fruitful and rewarding career in the creative industry.


What would you wear while sourcing furniture for a project?

 Look 1: Atlas Rib Knit. Look 2: Noella Trench


What would you wear as a guest to a wedding?

  Look 1: Lurex Cold Shoulder Top & Camille Lurex Pant (Coming Soon). Look 2: Jersey Ruched Dress. Look 3: Jasmine Rose Dress.


You are quite the fashionista! Tell us a bit about your relationship with fashion. 

Thank you! I truly appreciate the evolution of my relationship with fashion, just like my career and life. It has grown in a kind and healthy way, as I've learned to embrace the changes my body has gone through, finding more confidence in myself along the way.


How has your style evolved in the last 5 years and what do you expect from a fashion retailer when buying clothes? 

I've come to embrace a capsule-type wardrobe that brings me joy, but I still cherish having some fun outfits reserved for those special occasions. My daily routine revolves around effortlessly chic ensembles, carefully chosen to exude both confidence and comfort. Embracing this style has been a wonderful journey of self-expression and empowerment.



Estelle draws heavy inspiration from the contemporary woman’s relationship with interior design - an extension of her aesthetic expression that fears no limitations toward fit, function or social expectation.